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Favorite Sci-fi novel started by: Nick

Space Cadet by Heinlein By Robert A Heinlein
A really fun story about space adventure and service.
Added By: Nick
Ready Player One By Ernest Cline
A great story that does a fantastic job of combining a sense of 80's nostalgia and a futuristic dystopian society that doesn't seem all that far fetched.
Added By: jstoyles
Pandora’s Star By Peter F. Hamilton
Can’t pick a single “best” sci-fi book, there are just too many good ones… including this one. Space opera at its best with a good mix of interesting characters, action, and interesting pseudo-science and the “what-if” future that results. 
Mix in a little old school Big Bad Aliens vs. us throw down and you have the makings of a boom you don’t want to put down. A long book, first in a series, that you don’t want to put down. So budget your time accordingly.
Added By: dirtycaver
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